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With award-winning pizza since 1987, Cozzola's Pizza has been making pies with the best ingredients around since. We hand-craft and knead all of our dough by hand each day, blend our sauces from scratch, and braid the edges of our pizza.



For those who do not fancy gluten, we also have Gluten Free crusts and also Soy Cheese so that dietary restrictions are never a customer issue. Call us today 970-229-5771 to place an order for pizza!

We only use the best ingredients, and it's why our braided-crust pizzas stand out. With the fresh dough, sauce, and low gluten options across our entire menu, our 30-plus years of experience as a pizza shop really show. We have never used high-gluten flours, or refined sugar, or pre-diced "flavor-enhanced" cheeses. Everything from the crust to the toppings come from new sources and farms. The cheese is bought in large blocks and grated over the top of our pizzas. Even our signature Fresh Garlic sauce is made using organic tomatoes

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